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Tree & Shrub Care Program Detail Sheet

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1. The winter service includes a horticultural oil treatment with insecticide added to control insects and their eggs. This treatment is directed primarily at scale insects.

2. The early spring application includes a balanced slow release granular fertilizer for all plant material and small trees. Plants are also inspected and treated as needed for insects and diseases.

3. The spring application includes a liquid fertilizer application for all plant material and an insecticide to control leaf-feeding insects. Diseases will be treated where needed. Our primary targets with this application are lacebugs on azaleas, aphids on hedge plants and scaled insects.

4. The summer treatment is the same as Mays’ with the same targeted pests. We will also be treating any Sago palms on the property for the new and very serious pest “Cycad Scales” in an effort to keep it from affecting you Sagos (this is a new and serious pest in Florida, we do not yet know if we will be able to control it adequately

5. The fall application includes a balanced slow release granular fertilizer for all shrubs and small trees. Active insects and diseases are treated where required.

6. The late fall application includes a liquid fertilizer and insecticide with diseases treated as required.

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