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Your Lawn Right Now

June 2014

Chinch bugs have shown up "en masse".  They are everywhere, and so are we.

Chinch bugs are attracted to the hottest driest areas of the lawn and with the dry weather we had in April and May chinch bugs have had lots of areas to choose from to raise their young.  And boy have they been busy.  Just drive through your neighborhood and take a look around.  Those brown areas that were due to drought in May and June are probably now infested with Chinch bugs if they haven't been treated.  That's why we treat all our lawns with ARENA insecticide.  It is the best product available for Chinch Bug control.  Our lawns just don't get Chinch Bugs.

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper irrigation, consistently proper irrigation.  Failure to irrigate properly is the root of all evil in the landscape.  Too little water in the months of May and June lead to Chinch bug problems and weed problems in the fall.  Too much water July through September leads to disease and further weed problems in the fall.  I just cannot express how important it is to change your irrigation settings as the seasons change.  Please remember to irrigate after a pesticide application as directed on your invoice, and remember that in the St. Johns water management district you have an exemption to the watering restrictions to water in pesticide applications as your pest control provider directs.  Just be sure to leave the lawn posting sign in the lawn while you do.  Most irrigations controllers have a manual button that you can push to cycle the irrigation system.  It only takes a couple seconds to do this and your lawn will love you for it. 

Having a beautiful lawn involves three maintenance practices coming together.  If any one of the three is lacking the landscape will not reach its potential.  They are 1. Proper nutrition and chemical care (that's our job) 2. Proper and consistent irrigation practices and maintenance and 3. Proper physical maintenance (mowing and pruning).  We provide only a piece of the pie.  We must work together to make sure the other needs of the landscape are being fulfilled properly.

I am always available to consult with you or to help go through your irrigation controller operation.  You only need to call.  My whole company is here to make sure your landscape looks its best and your home is protected from the insects that would like to live there with you.

Kyle Owens

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