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Fire Ant Control

Fire ants pose a threat to people and pets when mounds are located in lawns or landscaping. The effects of their stings range from painful blisters to serious allergic reactions. What gives fire ants such a unique ability to thrive?

The main reason that fire ants continue to flourish is that they have no natural enemies here in the U.S. As they forage to feed themselves, fire ants feed on insects and small animals such as lizards, and may damage seeds and fruits on plants. Their extensive foraging activities often bring them into homes and other buildings.

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Fire ants are partially controlled with our regular lawn applications. However, if a higher level of control is desired we have TOPCHOICE insecticide which can be applied once per year for season long control of Fire ants. This is an optional service for home owners and keeps Fire ants from building mounds in the lawn for up to a year. Call or email for a quote.

Apartments, Condos, and Home Owner Associations will benefit from our Fire ant baiting program. Applied 4 times per year we can virtually eliminate Fire ant complaints on your grounds. Call for a personal visit to your property. We will meet with your maintenance staff and put together a plan for your specific property using TOPCHOICE in high traffic areas and baiting over the rest of the property.

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