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How much water should I apply?
Apply up to three-quarters of an inch of water, up to two times a week to maintain a healthy lawn. By saturating the root zone and then letting the soil dry, you encourage healthy deep root growth.

What happens if I over water my lawn?
Overwatering your lawn results in shallow root systems, which means your lawn is less drought and stress-tolerant. Overwatering also promotes weed growth, fungus and disease.

What time of day should I water?
Water lawns before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m., when temperature, wind speed and evaporation are lowest. This allows more water to saturate the roots.

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How do I measure the amount I'm watering?
The simplest way is to the "can method." Place five to seven flat-bottom cans (the size of an average tuna can) around your yard and note how much time it takes to collect three-quarters of an inch of water.

What if I've always watered more?
Gradually cut back until you're only watering up to two times a week. Lawns that have been over watered do not tolerate stress effectively. Therefore, it's important to retrain the lawn. By gradually cutting back until you are only watering up to two times a week, you'll develop a strong root system.

Source: Tom MacCubbin and St. Johns River Water Management District. For more information, visit

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  How much does it cost?
Rates for our services vary by the amount of area to be treated.
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